75th Anniversary Possibilities

In the beginning, UT Southwestern did not have a single permanent building. But decades of careful planning have resulted in phenomenal campus growth, with more on the horizon.

75th Anniversary Predictions

What does the future hold for medicine? Several UT Southwestern faculty members share their predictions.

75th Anniversary Anthem

For 75 years the sun has been rising on UT Southwestern Medical Center. Looking forward has long been – and continues to be -​ its great and noble purpose.

Perspectives: R. Wayne Bowman, M.D.

With freedom to pursue his passion, Dr. Wayne Bowman thrived. Learn how he pays it forward by helping the physicians he trains fulfill their dreams and goals.

Perspectives: Sara Pirzadeh-Miller

Genetic Counselor Sara Pirzadeh-Miller believes that family history does not dictate the future for generations to come. See the impact of her work on long-term patient outcomes.

Perspectives: Roger Unger, M.D.

Since Dr. Roger Unger accepted his faculty appointment from Dr. Donald Seldin in 1952, he’s witnessed a lot of changes. Hear how his focus remains on his next discovery.​

Perspectives: Elizabeth Paulk, M.D.

Palliative care was an emerging field when Dr. Elizabeth Paulk pitched the idea to establish a clinic for the terminally ill. Here are the far-reaching results.

Perspectives: William and Gay Solomon

UT Southwestern is poised for the next 75 years to outpace the first 75. Learn why Presidential Advisory Board Members William and Gay Solomon believe the best is yet to come.