Perspectives 75: Forrest Van Cain

Learn how Forrest Cain, Sr., Technical Trainer and co-chair for the LGBTA organization, is using his passion for people to shape diversity and equality at UT Southwestern.

Perspectives 75: Dr. Paul Rizk

Dr. Paul Rizk, a May 2018 graduate, was able to take charge as a student leader while also learning how to become a physician who not only cares for his patient’s health, but also connects with them as a person.

Perspectives: Dr. James de Lemos

After taking a trip to visit his younger brother, who was a student at UT Southwestern at the time, James de Lemos, M.D. made a decision that would alter the course of his medical career.

Six Word Stories

If someone asked you to tell a story in six words, could you do it? Drawing inspiration from the legend of Ernest Hemingway’s six-word novel, students, employees, staff, and faculty have taken the challenge to new heights by creating their own stories in celebration...

Perspectives: Nadia Pratt

Nadia Pratt, B.S.N., RN, CCRN, knows that when she comes to work, her life is not only impacted by the patients and families she cares for, but also by her team. Learn why she is so proud to work at UT Southwestern.

Perspectives: Matt Mendoza

The story of Matt Mendoza, a fourth-year graduate student, is proof that the obstacles we face do not have to define where we end up in life. Hear how UT Southwestern has immensely impacted his life and future generations of his family.

Honoring the Last of the First: Dr. Reginald Wilson

UT Southwestern salutes Dr. Reginald Wilson, the last living graduate of Southwestern Medical College’s first graduating class. Over the course of nearly 40 years, Dr. Wilson used his education and training to do everything from answering house calls to delivering more than 2,000 babies in Dayton, Texas.

Alumni Reflections: Dr. Donald Pentecost

He started off his medical career earning just $3 per office call and $5 per house visit. In this third edition of Alumni Reflections and in recognition of UT Southwestern’s 75th anniversary, Dr. Donald Pentecost looks back on his 55-year career and shares how UT Southwestern continues setting students on the path for success.

Perspectives: Misti Irvin, Breast Cancer Survivor

After a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis at 37, Misti Irvin thought her story had come to an end. But it was UT Southwestern’s unique perspective that would ultimately give her hope. Today, she is a survivor, excited about what the future holds.