If someone asked you to tell a story in six words, could you do it?

Drawing inspiration from the legend of Ernest Hemingway’s six-word novel, students, employees, staff, and faculty have taken the challenge to new heights by creating their own stories in celebration of UT Southwestern’s 75th anniversary.

Because of UT Southwestern’s rich past and dynamic future, there are incredible stories that span a lifetime. For some, this institution has been home for more than 50 years. Others became parents here for the very first time. Students have become doctors, nurses, and health professionals here. Some found hope and healing, or were responsible for bringing it to those who needed it most. Each individual story is unique, and is a true testament to UT Southwestern’s commitment to care, research, and exceptional education. We are all so vastly different, yet the one thing that unites us is our passion for UT Southwestern.

Some of the stories already submitted have made us laugh, cry, and remember how truly precious life is. Here are just a few that have caught our eye:

“We can fix your broken heart.” – Homer Capiral, Assistant Nurse Manager

“With bated breaths I inhibit deaths.” – Larry C. Smith, Respiratory Therapist, 12 years

“Many missions. One heart. UT Southwestern.” – Joanie Riley, Administrative Manager

“To make sense of the senseless.” – Charles Timmons, Director of Resident Education, Pediatric Autopsy faculty, 29 years

“They gave me back my breath.” – Peggy Milligan, patient 

“Train a doctor, heal the world.” Andrea Johnson, Assistant Professor, 6 years

“Empowering patients to own their health.” – Alison Jordan, Weight Wellness Clinical Coordinator, 4.5 years

“Leading excellence with a caring heart.” –  Kavitha Nair, Nurse Manager, 11S BMT/Oncology, 10 years

“Groundbreaking research translated into patient care.” – Princess Uzoh, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 2.5 years

“Hands outstretched. Hands held. Hope given.” –  Julie Wehmeyer, Sr. Administrative Assistant II, 2 years

“UT Southwestern: an arsenal of opportunities.” – Jaimol Sreedharan, Assistant Nurse Manager, 5 years

“Nursing: where science and compassion meet.” – Shannon Chalk, Assistant Nurse Manager, 17 years

The story writing hasn’t ended for those here at UT Southwestern. Every day provides an opportunity for a new story to be written. Whether that means writing about your move to a new team in your department, getting the chance to help a patient in a different way that will impact their life for the better, or simply taking a moment to take a walk down memory lane to your very first day at UT Southwestern—there is a story in everything we do.

Still haven’t flexed your creative muscles yet? The 75th anniversary team will be accepting six-word stories all year long! Be sure to send us yours at 75years@UTSouthwestern.edu.