A Legacy of Excellence

UT Southwestern is commemorating 75 years of excellence not only by honoring our most notable achievements of the past, but also by looking toward the future and our potential to build on our legacy of transforming the landscape of science and medicine. During 2018, we celebrate these foundational moments that have made it possible for us to transform health care.


Our history is inspiring. Our future will be transformational. Immerse yourself in stories throughout our anniversary year as we honor our past while plunging headfirst into the future. We hope you return often to learn how the UT Southwestern community continues to play a pivotal role in the future of science and medicine.

College Namesakes: Charles C. Sprague, M.D.

College Namesakes: Charles C. Sprague, M.D.

During his tenure as the first President of UT Southwestern, Dr. Charles Sprague oversaw the growth of a small but promising medical school into a vibrant and comprehensive medical and life sciences center.